Saturday, November 27, 2010

We may have still been kids
But we made decisions like adults
We made decisions based on our hearts call,
not the call of our fellows.
We had learned lessons
From experience
From trial
From heartache
From victory

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I figure this is the time
I figure this is the place
I figure this is the reason to live
That's what I figure
So it must be true
Cause the way I figure it
It has led me to you
And if that aint a reason to live
I don't know what livin is

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daylight part 2
In the limelight
By the firelight
All through the night
All through the many ways
We say "I Do"
I do for you
I do unto you
I feel it like I'm another
Forgetting I'm your brother
And forgetting is remembering
What to forget
What to hold dear
And what to let go
If love should appear
Your for sure gonna know
And at breakneck speed
At the speed of light
At the speed of sight
And the least you can do is forgive me
Cause we all got the dust
We all got the stain
And we all know the rain will wash it clean
Yea, the rain washes clean
For the day to start fresh
For the life to start new
Everday is someday waiting to be born.
Everybody is somebody waiting to be you

Friday, November 19, 2010

When its right
Its right as rain
And all the pain is worth it
Even if it was extreme
If the dream seemed real
Its cuz it was
And when the dream comes real
You know its true
And its all you can do
To keep the lid on
To keep it tight
To make it strong through the night
To make it last and last and last
Until the days get shorter
And the heart grows fonder
Of the love you thought was lost
So grandaddy listen
It wasn't in my nature
The 9 to 5 mister
With no hope for silence
When silence was needed
To access my heart
When silence was needed
To fufill my part
In the vision set forth
In the vision of a setting sun
In the vision of a world set free from bondage
Set free to fly free
This big blue marble
This circle we call earth
This sphere we call home
Welcome to the universe
"Thank you"

Monday, November 15, 2010

What is fun

I very rarely sing,write songs or play guitar or piano. These things are not what I would call a "fun" activity. Actually I have a hard time figuring out what is fun for me. I have fun going to the goodwill down the street. Its fantastic having a goodwill a few blocks away.
I've denied myself many things that I think would be fun, surfing,snowboarding,motocross,hiking ect. I love to drive so that's kinda fun.
But is playing music fun? I can't answer that. It can be but more often its a lot of work. I have fun letting go and jamming, probably would have had fun in the grateful dead but being in a band,following a structure is not really fun. I spend most of my energy not fucking up,remembering words,noticing the person in the crowd that isn't that into it.
Afterwards, laughing with the guys, I guess I'm so glad its over I am having fun. I don't know, I have a hard time knowing what fun is.
Rollercoasters are fun.
I need to have more fun.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its time to be one with the wave.
For mother earth
For the children in us all.
Yes there is a battle being waged on this planet. Its a battle with ourselves.

"Everything I believe is subject to change"


I follow no specific religion or spiritual system. I can find spiritual inspiration anywhere,anytime from anyone or any thing or no thing at all. I'm inspired by rocks and trees, wolves and bears, sunshine and rain, pleasure and pain. The ocean and sand.
Whatever the one energy that animates and powers our reality, our smile,our laughter,our tears,is beyond comprehension,is nameless,without form. No beginning and no end.
We are not seperate from this ultimate reality. There is no heaven and hell. There just "IS".

"However one gets to oneness is the way"