Friday, November 19, 2010

When its right
Its right as rain
And all the pain is worth it
Even if it was extreme
If the dream seemed real
Its cuz it was
And when the dream comes real
You know its true
And its all you can do
To keep the lid on
To keep it tight
To make it strong through the night
To make it last and last and last
Until the days get shorter
And the heart grows fonder
Of the love you thought was lost
So grandaddy listen
It wasn't in my nature
The 9 to 5 mister
With no hope for silence
When silence was needed
To access my heart
When silence was needed
To fufill my part
In the vision set forth
In the vision of a setting sun
In the vision of a world set free from bondage
Set free to fly free
This big blue marble
This circle we call earth
This sphere we call home
Welcome to the universe
"Thank you"

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