Monday, December 27, 2010

We have been hidden for so long
We have forgotten our real name.
From the depths of the soul
It cried out
I am alive!
And with one foot in front of the other
One became many
And many became One
For so long until the true names were forgotten
Man,Woman and Child
One nation under the sun
One dream
One vision
One life
Forever, happily everafter.
Forgotten until awakened by the light.
Loud as a whisper
Quiet as a bomb
As wide as the limit of thought
Which has no beginning
No end
The future is the past is the present
Life and Death
Light and Love
Mother Earth
The Sun,the Moon,the Stars
The Universe
The "IS"

I can't remember who I am but I know who you are.
You are me.
And we are Divine.
I keep forgetting to remember that.

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