Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am an artist, as we all are. Life itself is art.
I was born with a voice that really gave me no choice
but to sing.
I try to write songs about people, places, or things
but all that ever comes out is a "feeling" of those
things from my heart, which is cool too.
Sometimes the words and the melodys seem to come
from the living earth itself.
Love, freedom, pure expression, light and integrity.
On the other hand......
I lie sometimes, sometimes I drink too much,
in my youth I was a bit of a thief.
Often, my life and my words do not match.
Often the glorious messages of peace, love and hope
are really messages to inspire me, as much, if not more,
than they are to inspire other humans.
I am filled with great love, great anger and great sadness.
I will one day be healed of the madness
brought on by these contradictions.
I can be a really great guy, I can be a fucking asshole.
Like Jake and Elwood Blues, I'm on a mission from God.
And maybe the devil, although I don't believe in the devil.
Fear is my greatest enemy.
I don't really believe in god either, at least not the "god"
I was brought up to believe in.
I believe in "the one". One energy.
I believe in the energy of love. I guess love is my "god".
So I do believe in god if by god one means love.....
What I believe doesn't change what is really true though.
The truth is very simple.
It's so simple I don't know what it is.
Maybe it's Om
When I look into my child eyes, or my cats eyes for that matter, I not only see the truth,
I know "magic" is real.
I do like to think of this life as "magic".
I dislike the word "spirituality".
Magical has a lot more power to it in my view.
Plus, to most of the population of the planet, magic is the domain
of witches and wizards.
That has a certain appeal to me.......

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