Saturday, December 18, 2010

If the light goes out on my watch

I will make it light again

If the winds pull me down

I will sprout wings and rise above

If I am lost, I know I will be found

If the dream ends I will rejoice in the ways of the spirit

For it is this reality

that cannot be broken nor pushed aside,

that the heart is always connected,

that the spirit never dies

I can feel a peace in this moment

as I write this

as I listen

It's a peace that so often eludes me

It's a peace that I have forgotten

Yet here it is just like always


It's not just a word

It is Reality

It is always here

It's not going anywhere

Where should it go?

Love Is all there Is


Go gently into your present to find out what your missing

It's who you really are.....

May this peace stay with you

May you not so soon forget

May your heart become open

May your vision become clear

May the people of this earth come to realize

That the light inside so long ago distorted and misplaced

Is still right here, bright and magnificent and glorious as ever

Forever is not a measure of time

Forever is

"right now"

There is no separation between you and me

There is no separation between us and the trees

There is only.....The One

-One Love-


+However One gets to Oneness is The Way+

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